High Tech tools help parents keep children safe for Back to school


With the summer break coming to a close, households across the country are getting ready for the drastic changes in schedule and routine. Due to busy work schedules, most parents are still working when their children come home from school. This makes it especially important to have a proper security plan in place for your children.

According to Patrice De Luca, V.P. of Customer Care for ADT Canada, it’s important to establish and practice a set routine with your children to keep them safe during this busy time of year. “These steps will then become second nature to them and will help ensure that they are maintaining proper safety habits while you’re out,” he explained.

Here are some tips that you can use to help keep your child safe during the back to school season.

• Organize group walks where your children and their friends walk home together.

• Ensure they never go off anywhere by themselves and keep an eye out for each other.

• Inform them that strangers who take an unusual interest in them should be avoided and let a trusted adult know about the incident.

• Put into place a neighborhood watch to help keep an eye out for your children and for any suspicious activity.

• If your kids come home to find an open door, shattered window, or a torn screen, instruct your kids to walk away from the house to a neighbor’s and contact you immediately.

• Once safely in the home, remind them to never let anyone into the house; to keep all doors locked; and set the alarm system if you have one.

Today’s monitored security systems can be a great tool in helping protect your kids while they are home alone. In fact, the latest advancements in technology have made ensuring the safety of your home and children a lot easier and more effective.

The latest fully interactive wireless security systems from Protectron’s line of products can include interior and exterior cameras with interactive surveillance that enables parents to see the comings and goings of their children in video or image format on their work computer or smarthpone.

The new image sensor service, for example, is designed to deliver better security through visual checks of alarms and enhanced engagement through on-demand property views. Its integrated camera with infrared LED light captures pictures when motion is detected, even at night.

Interactive surveillance also lets you record activities at preset times, or begin video recording when motion is detected, explained De Luca.

With this system you can even remotely lock and unlock the doors for your kids and turn off the alarm from your phone, computer or tablet eliminating any risk of triggering false alarms by your kids. These safety measures will help ensure that going back to school is an exciting and safe time for both you and your children. More information on home security is available at www.protectron.com.