Peel Police Launch Distracted Driving Campaign

Peel Police Launch Distracted Driving Campaign

Peel – Distracted driving is a critical traffic issue that impacts the entire Region of Peel. Peel Regional Police are launching a campaign to address this threat to road safety. The enforcement campaign will commence on June 4th and conclude on June 10th. The goal of this service wide campaign is to improve road safety by reducing the incidents of distracted driving. This campaign offers a proactive approach towards the reduction of collisions.

Objectives of the campaign include:

  • Apply a zero tolerance approach towards distracted driving.
  • Reduce the number of serious collisions due to distracted driving.
  • Improve road safety, driving performance and awareness by discouraging drivers from engaging in distracted driving behaviors.

Drivers and pedestrians are reminded that road safety is a shared responsibility.

For further information on the campaign, contact Sergeant Rick Allpress at 905-453-3311 ext. 3753

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