Peel Police offers Back to School Seasonal Safety Tips

Peel Police offers Back to School Seasonal Safety Tips

Peel – As children return to school, Peel Regional Police would like to remind parents and caregivers to exercise due caution and follow a few a simple steps to make sure children are safe and succeed in school.

Help your child achieve an “A” safety average and succeed in school.

Before they leave — do your homework.

  • Get to know your school’s “Safe School” policy.
  • Never place your child’s name on the exterior of their clothing or lunchbox.
  • Give proper street-proofing advice by teaching your child how to respond to situations as opposed to individuals. Help them maintain a balance between caution and confidence.
  • Develop an easy to remember password, such as the child’s favourite sports team, in the event that you have to rely on a friend to pick your child up. The password will let your child know that that it is ok to go with that person as they have received your permission.
  • Make sure your child has memorized their personal information and knows how to contact you.
  • If your child will be walking to and from school, take time to familiarize them with the best route by walking the route with them.
  • Test your child’s knowledge of the area by having them make a map of your neighbourhood.
  • Use the buddy system.
  • Review road safety.
  • Maintain current photos and information.

After school — do your studies.

  • Maintain good lines of communication with your child and remain informed of events in your children’s daily lives.
  • Get to know your child’s friends and their parents.
  • Place computers with internet access in an active area of your home and monitor its use.
  • Don’t post personal photos or personal activity information on social network sites including names of children and teachers.

You are your child’s best role model!

For more information call Peel Police Crime Prevention Services at (905) 453-3311 ext. 4021 or visit our web site


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