Peel Regional Police Develops New External Crime Mapping Application

Peel Regional Police Develops New External Crime Mapping Application

Peel – To meet the growing demand for crime data, Peel Regional Police has developed an external internet crime mapping application that will provide residents of Brampton and Mississauga with a graphic and interactive tool that provides a snap shot of crime in their neighbourhoods. The application was developed with input from various stakeholders including Safe City Mississauga, Brampton Safe City, Neighborhood Watch, PRP Crime Prevention Services, PRP Corporate Communications, and the PRP Information and Privacy Unit.

Similar applications have been developed and deployed by other law enforcement agencies across Canada including York Regional Police Service, Ottawa Police Service, Calgary Police Service and Edmonton Police Service.

Users of the application will be able to interactively map incidents based on several crime types for the last 30 days using a standard web browser. The map data is refreshed on a daily basis. The map will not display personal and/or specific address information of crime and strikes a balance between victims’ privacy and the public’s right to know about incidents affecting their communities.

The types of crimes that are searchable in the program are limited to the following:

HOMICIDE: Criminal Act Causing Death

ROBBERY: Theft with Weapons of Violence

MUGGINGS: Assault on Person with Intent to Rob

BREAK AND ENTER: Residential and Commercial Burglaries

AUTO THEFT: Theft of Automobiles, Trucks and Motorcycles

THEFT FROM VEHICLE: Property Stolen From Motor Vehicles

MISCHIEF: Damage to Property over $5,000

Links to the Crime Mapping application will be found in the PRP external website, (under the ‘Quick Links’ section and inside the ‘Crime Prevention’ main menu)


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