Planning the ultimate family road trip

Planning the ultimate family road trip

A family road trip can be an exciting, educational and memorable summertime experience. From Victoria to St. John’s, Canada has countless roadside attractions to visit, places to set up camp and sights to see.

While road trips can be a lot of fun, not planning in advance could have consequences.

“Mapping out a road trip in detail can help make it an unforgettable adventure,” says Ryan Michel, senior vice president and chief risk officer at Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. “Finding out halfway through your trip that you’ve forgotten essential supplies can put a damper on the experience.”

The first consideration is your route. Think about the attractions you may want to visit and confirm that each place will be open when you plan to stop by. Plan a schedule that includes how long it will take to reach each destination.

Consider the types of weather you’re likely to encounter and pack accordingly. Also ensure you’ve packed other essentials like any prescription medication that might be needed while you’re on your trip.

Before heading out on any trip, ensure your vehicle is up to the task. Michel offers the following tips to help you prepare:

1. Book an appointment with your mechanic a few weeks prior to your departure to confirm everything is in proper working order.

2. Check or top up your vehicle’s fluids (including oil and washer fluid).

3. Ensure your tires have been inspected and filled to the correct pressure.

4. Check that you have a spare tire and jack in the vehicle and learn how to change a tire in case of a flat.

5. If planning to travel outside of Canada, verify with your insurance provider that your coverage extends into all locations you plan to visit.

“Depending on your route or destination, it’s best to check your insurance coverage before you hit the road,” says Michel. “Keep a copy of your most up-to-date documentation in your glove box so it’s accessible in case of the unexpected.”

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