Randeep Sandhu nominated as Ontario PC Candidate for Brampton West

Randeep Sandhu nominated as Ontario PC Candidate for Brampton West

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak has congratulated Randeep Sandhu on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Brampton West. Hudak applauded and thanked Sandhu for his unwavering focus on reducing the size and cost of government and kick-starting the economy to create private-sector jobs.

“As a family man, business owner and community activist, Randeep understands the priorities for a brighter future and knows how to create the private sector jobs that will lead Ontario back to prosperity,” said Hudak. “While the current government continues to deepen Ontario’s economic crisis, the Ontario PC Party is promoting solutions to create new jobs and rein in government spending.”

“Better days are ahead for Ontario, but only if we get our fiscal house in order and our economic fundamentals back in line in the face of a looming $30 billion deficit and an ongoing jobs crisis,” said Sandhu. “The PC Party has been ahead of the curve on the economy from the start. Ontario’s unemployment numbers have been higher than the national average for 70 consecutive months, and our Party is the only one talking seriously about how we get private sector job growth back on track.”

“We need fiscally responsible policies that will encourage growth and put us on the path to prosperity,” stated Sandhu, noting several specific Ontario PC plans for private sector job growth which include:

· Balancing the budget to encourage businesses to expand and hire
· Lowering taxes for job-creating businesses
· Treating affordable energy as a cornerstone of economic growth
· A more flexible and responsive approach to regulation, and
· More skilled trades jobs by modernizing the apprenticeship system.


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