Save the “social” for your vacation, not Facebook

Save the “social” for your vacation, not Facebook

84715HWith summer around the corner, many Canadians take the opportunity to plan and book a vacation. Part of planning your vacation is properly securing your home and having someone keep an eye on it while you are away.

Everyone wants to keep their home safe when they go away for vacation, but many people are unknowingly putting their home in danger.

How is your home put in danger?

You put your home in danger by posting your vacation plans on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. Unfortunately, many thieves use social media to identify potential targets.

“Refrain from updating your social media status about your holiday plans. Also, be sure to turn off location services on your phone,” states Wayne Ross, insurance expert with Aviva Canada. “These simple actions will reduce your risk of being targeted for a burglary.”

If you are a regular social media user, you see it all the time. Your friends and family get so excited about their pending holiday that they post all the details of the trip online. They often post when they are leaving and coming back, who they are going with and where they are staying.

Never post your holiday plans on social media sites. And this also applies to your children if they use the sites too. Thieves thrive on this information. Many scan the internet specifically for the purpose of finding people who will be on vacation. The more information you post, the more you are assisting a thief.

You may also think that it’s OK as your Facebook profile is private. Be aware that when anyone you are connected with comments on your post, their connections can view the information too. And not everyone is as diligent on who they allow to view their information.

So, if you are going to post about your vacation, do it when you come back. Everyone loves seeing vacation pictures!

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