Would your car pass a Drive Clean test?

Would your car pass a Drive Clean test?

85336HMany young drivers will choose a used car for their first car. To ensure the vehicle passes energy efficiency standards, ingenie, an auto insurance provider for Ontario drivers aged 16 to 24, offers the following list of what car owners need to know:

What is the Drive Clean Test?

In Ontario, the Drive Clean program reduces smog-causing pollutants from car exhausts. The program tests cars regularly for emission problems to keep faulty cars off the road if the kinks can’t be fixed.

You’ll need to get your car a Drive Clean Test every two years once your vehicle is seven years old. There are a few exceptions to this rule, like having a historic plated car. Check with the program for other exceptions.

How do I get the test?

It is easy to get a test. Just pick any accredited facility that is convenient.

What happens if my car fails the test?

If your car has an emission problem, it will fail the test. You will get a report that you can take to an accredited Drive Clean facility for repairs if you want a conditional pass. Otherwise you can go to your own mechanic and get the problems fixed before you take a re-test.

Listen to the experts The auto insurance experts at ingenie caution not to go for the test with your check engine light on. If your check engine light is on, it is likely an emissions related problem.

More information and tips for purchasing a used car is available at www.ingenie.ca.


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